Qualified Surveyors

Once you have made an offer on a yacht, you will need a surveyor to go over her and present to you a full condition survey report that will give you three benefits: a) You will know the actual condition of the yacht b) You will present it to your insurance agents and c) You will present it to the future buyer, whenever you will decide to sell you yacht. If you wish we can provide you with a choice of marine surveyors to ensure that the yacht is in the shape expected.

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Short Inspection by a professional

If you wish to receive an inspection to a yacht you are interested for, but not to proceed to a full survey, mainly due to the cost of such, we can arrange that for you. A surveyor will visit the yacht of your interest and will make a short inspection in the major areas of the yacht such as: Hull (provided that the yacht is ashore, otherwise haul out costs must be covered), Deck condition, Engine room superficial inspection and another 30 areas that the surveyor will check. He will end up with a valuation of the yacht in a two-three pages report.

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We cooperate with yacht experts that can handle all the paperwork for the safe transition of the yacht’s ownership to you. We can recommend to you lawyers that can perform comprehensive examination of the yacht’s documents.

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Incorporation of a company to purchase a vessel

Lawyers with expertise in yachting can perform that action for you.

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Moorage in Greece

We can help you find moorage in Greece in the area that better suits your needs and destinations.

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Yacht maintenance

We can recommend to you maintenance specialists who can take care of your yacht all year long of for as long as you need. They can take care of the paperwork required for your staying and cruising in Greece.

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Repairs, refits and upgrades

Our contacts with yachts’ specialists, shipyards and technicians, enable us to assist you in making the right work at the right price for you. Whatever you may need i.e. mechanical, technical, electronic, etc. just let us know and we will do our best to find for you the optimum solutions.

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Transporting your yacht

Around 90% of our sales are performed to buyers coming from almost all over the globe. Therefore we can assist you in preparing your yacht for transportation, packing or winterize her before you decide the transport her. We can assist you in spotting the right transporting companies and getting the tools, such as cradles, trailers, tracks or other for shipping your yacht to the desired destination. Or you may need a skipper with experienced crew to do that for you, just let us know and we will recommend to you such.

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How to insure your yacht?

Yacht insurance is an legal obligation in almost every country. The insurance shall cover all required aspects i.e. pollution, environmental damages, accidents, salvage and other. Our cooperation with international insurance companies and agens is at your service. If you wish to insure your yacht, we will recommend to you insurance companies or agents that can provide you with quotes according to your needs and local obligations i.e. age-value-size and engines of the yacht, type of use, country, cruising waters etc.

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VIP Services

We offer to our customers, exquisite VIP services:

Our helicopter will transport you, your family and your friends safely, fast and with comfort. Not to mention the view you will enjoy from above.

Your wish to appoint a professional driver who will drive a limousine will be part of our services. Sightseeing, excursions or simply transportation from and to the airport through a luxurious limousine can be provided to you by our company.

Diving excursions
We cooperate with professional/licensed divers, who can teach you or accompany you in the underwater magic world.
Personal security.

If you wish to appoint guards to accompany you and your family/guests, we can provide you with such.

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